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My approach to garden design is bespoke, flexible and accommodating, whether it’s a small urban courtyard or a large rural estate.  There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.  Every landscape has different demands and every client has different needs so it’s about finding the right solution to create the perfect garden.

I offer a complete service including landscape and garden master planning, detailed design specifications, planting designs and planning submissions through to plant supply, and recruitment of gardening staff. 

I work primarily across the South East of England, East Sussex and London.



Gardening has always been a real passion for me ever since I was little, when I started growing vegetables.  My Grandmother had these fabulous market and walled gardens, which proved a huge inspiration for me. 

Over the last 20 years I’ve had the privilege of working all over the UK and abroad on fantastic projects, which have been enormously fun and enjoyable, despite some challenging sites!

My own garden in East Sussex has been my latest project.  I’ve created meandering perennial borders, an orchard with chickens and a veg garden, which sit alongside a wild flower meadow and a small wood.  We recently unearthed a WW2 pillbox, which has become a great spot to sit and enjoy the sunset.

I tend to avoid overly fussy or ornate gardens and instead like to keep things natural, creating interesting, seamless collaborations of traditional and modern elements for people to enjoy.

I approach each new project with fresh eyes but backed by 20 years of horticultural knowledge.

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I approach all my projects in the same way – offering a comprehensive and flexible service, adapting to meet the scale and needs of each site. But whatever the scale, I’m intricately involved and hands on throughout.

Planting design is a particular passion and area of expertise for me.  I’ve worked extensively with historic restorations, researching plants and specimens that would have been used at that time.  Parkland projects have given me the opportunity to recreate the distinctive planting style of Capability Brown, whilst contemporary, coastal, country and city gardens have required an altogether more modern planting approach.


• Country Gardens
• Rural Estates
City Gardens
Historic Restorations
Courtyard Gardens
Cottage Gardens
Kitchen Gardens


• Landscape & garden master planning
Detailed design of hard landscaping
Planting design
Maintenance schedules
Sculpture & garden ornamentation


• Planning applications for listed building consent
Monitoring works on site
Budget management


• Plant sourcing & supply
• Sourcing contractors to implement designs
Working with contractors on design specifications
Advising clients on recruitment of long term gardening staff

Jane Brown Landscape Architect Garden Design



Geoffrey Jellicoe once said

…landscape design may well be recognised as the most comprehensive of the arts.

This idea has underpinned my approach to landscape and garden design. If you have a garden project in mind, I’d love to talk to you about it.